Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Caleb + Kate by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma

Caleb + Kate by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
Publication Date: May 4, 2010
Versions: paperback

Summary (from
When Kate's family purchases a hotel in the Pacific Northwest, she enters a world that is wholly unknown to her. She never has any privacy because of the constant flow of guests. And as the hotel owner's daughter, she struggles to make friends.

Then she meets Caleb, a strange combination of working-class, Hawaiian culture, and Christian bad boy. He talks about love in an all new way that she finds so alluring.But the two have nothing in common. He rarely smiles, rides a motorcycle with a rough crowd from town, and worst of all, he totally ignores Kate. ButKate has something that he needs and she resolves to prove to him that what she has doesn't define who she is.

I still can't get over how cute this book was. It's about a girl named Kate and a new student enrolls at her school which turns out to be Caleb. The principal makes Kate show Caleb around school but he isn't too pleased and takes off on his motorcycle his first day. Caleb is the typical bad boy that Kate can't help but to be attracted to. When they both deveop feelings for one another, will their family fued keep them apart?

This book is very much similar to Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. It had the whole forbidden love plot line and before each chapter, a line of Shakespeare is quoted. Caleb + Kate is also strikingly similar to Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. And I really enjoyed that one, so it was hard for me not to fall in love with this one as well.

Will I reread it?
Yes, I absolutly adored this book and I love the cover. I would sometimes stop reading it to admire the overall beauty of the colors. Also, the chapters switched from characters points of view so one would be Kate's and the next would be Caleb's. I highly recommend this one.


Lena said...

Great review! I love Perfect Chemistry so I'm definitely going to have to check this one out!

YA Vampire Books said...

Awesome review! Romeo & Juliet and bad boys? I have a feeling that I will love this book!

India Drummond said...

Aw, sounds really cute. I'll have to check it out.

Milli said...

Aw, it sounds cute.

Addicted Book Reader said...

It sounds really good, and the cover is adorable! Nice review :)

dArLyN said...

pretty nice..i never read perfect chemistry but i think i will like it as well.nice review Morgan!

Christina T said...

Nice review! I have this on my TBR list. I am glad to hear that it is similar to Perfect Chemistry because that is one of my favorites.