Sunday, February 28, 2010

According To Jane by Marilyn Brant

According To Jane by Marilyn Brant
Publication Date: October 1, 2009
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
In Marilyn Brant's smart, wildly inventive debut, one woman in search of herself receives advice from the ultimate expert in matters of the heart…

It begins one day in sophomore English class, just as Ellie Barnett's teacher is assigning Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. From nowhere comes a quiet "tsk" of displeasure. The target: Sam Blaine, the cute bad boy who's teasing Ellie mercilessly, just as he has since kindergarten. Entirely unbidden, as Jane might say, the author's ghost has taken up residence in Ellie's mind, and seems determined to stay there.

Jane's wise and witty advice guides Ellie through the hell of adolescence and beyond, serving as the voice she trusts, usually far more than her own. Years and boyfriends come and go—sometimes a little too quickly, sometimes not nearly fast enough. But Jane's counsel is constant, and on the subject of Sam, quite insistent. Stay away, Jane demands. He is your Mr. Wickham.

Still, everyone has something to learn about love—perhaps even Jane herself. And lately, the voice in Ellie's head is being drowned out by another, urging her to look beyond everything she thought she knew and seek out her very own, very unexpected, happy ending…

I don't know if any of you guys are the same way, but I'm smitten with Jane Austen. And Marilyn Brant (the author of According To Jane) incorporates Jane into the book which I thought was really cute. Ellie (main character) is your typical get straight A's girl that studies. She's not popular but she's not some outcast either. And then there's Sam, whose your typical bad boy. Mix these two engaging characters together and you end up with a book that will take you out of this world.

The writing starts out at Ellie after high school and then switches to when she was in high school, giving you insight into Ellie's world.

Will I reread it?
I already have, and every time I do--I enjoy it even more.

This is one of those rare books that make you just sit in your room (or wherever you like to read), clutch the book to your chest and sigh in contentment.  A must read for any age.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sloppy Firsts (#1 in the Jessica Darling series) by Megan McCafferty

Sloppy Firsts (book #1 in the Jessica Darling series) by Megan McCafferty
Publication Date: August 28, 2001
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
“My parents suck ass. Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of. Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who keeps me sane? . . . I don’t see how things could get any worse.

Okay...what a lame summary. You dissapointed me (probably for the first time). This summary doesn't even give a hint into what this book is really about. Yes, Jessica Darling's (I know, what a great name) best friend, Hope, moves away and she's stuck around her "so called friends" that she doesn't like. Her dad keeps pushing her to keep running while secretly she wants to quit. And then there's Marcus Flutie--the school bad boy and dreg nicnamed krispy creme for always being at a crisp for doing drugs and having "done" two dozen girls. She starts having phone conversations with him and he messes with her mind. Jessica is Marcus's first friend that he hasn't slept with. But he knows her better than anyone else, including her "so called friends".

This book is so funny, Jessica does the dumbest things that make you laugh while you're reading it. Megan McCafferty's voice comes through strong in this book from her vocabulary and all the 80's type words she throws into it like: bubblegum bimbo.

Will I reread it?
Yes, I adore this series. Yes, it is indeed a series so you don't have to stop at this book.

I would probably recommend this to a more older teenage audience because of the language and some of the scenes are pretty graphic. I overall really enjoyed this book and thought of it as a perfect start to a wonderful and unique series.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The many covers of The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is probably my favorite book right now. I love the aspect of the plot being held in the future and that a reaccuring hunger games is held every year. It's such a unique story and the characters are so loveable and relatable to. Team Peeta, all the way!

But I guess I'm not the only one who's in love with this book. And neither is just the US, because Suzanne Collins has her book in many different countries now. And the covers are all stunning. Here they are:

U.S. Cover:                                            Chinese Cover:                          Bulgaria Cover:         

Denmark cover:                   Germany cover:                UK version 1 cover:              

UK version 2 cover:         Greece cover:                 Korea cover:

Romania cover:                  Sweden cover:

That's all of them. What do you think and which one is your favorite? I like the Germany one best becuase of the colors but they're all very cool.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (Book #3 in the How to Ruin series) by Simone Elkeles

Caution: This is the third book in the How to Ruin series and will most likely contain spoilers if you have not read the previous two.

How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (Book #3 in the How to Ruin series) by Simone Elkeles
Publication Date: November 1, 2009
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
Guess who's jetting to the Holy Land this summer!

Remember me, Amy Barak-Nelson—a.k.a the queen of disaster? In case you forgot, my boyfriend Avi is in the Israeli army. A visit is definitely in order.

Somehow my grandmother convinced me to sign up for two weeks of pure hell in a military training base. Getting up before dawn, peeing in a hole, and playing war games in the desert isn't my idea of fun. But what's worse? Our team leader turns out to be Avi!

Where to begin? How about that this book is downright amazing. Amy goes to visit her boyfriend in Israel and she has to deal with surving in the desert for two weeks while figuring out something Avi was trying to hide from her. Amy is once again: hilarious and you get to have a better intro to Nathan and Jessica (Amy's best friend).

The first book in this series is still my favorite but this one comes close behind, leaving the second one for last (which I didn't enjoy as much as I wanted to).

Will I reread it?
Oh yeah, of course. I absolutly adore this series and everything Simone Elkeles puts Amy through.

Hopefully Simone will pull a few more books out of her creative sleeve so we all can read more about Amy and Avi.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Look What I Won!

I'm really excited and to totally understand my excitement, you must know that I never win anything. I'm just a big dud when it comes to contests-but I guess my day got brighter becuase I won a signed bookmark! I know-it's pretty exciting. And I just got it in the mail a few days ago and I've been admiring it ever since. I would like to thank Adrienne at An Addicted Book Reader for holding this wonderful contest. And congratulations to all the other bookmark winners.

Here it is:

The author that signed this lovely bookmark is Anastasia Hopcus and her book is titled Shadow Hills which is due to come out on July 13, 2010.

Here is the summary (from goodreads):
Since her sister’s mysterious death, Persephone “Phe” Archer has been plagued by a series of disturbing dreams. Determined to find out what happened to her sister, Phe enrolls at Devenish Prep in Shadow Hills, Massachusetts—the subject of her sister’s final diary entry.

After stepping on campus, Phe immediately realizes that there’s something different about this place—an unexplained epidemic that decimated the town in the 1700s, an ancient and creepy cemetery, and gorgeous boy Zach—and somehow she’s connected to it all.

But the more questions she asks and the deeper she digs, the more entangled Phe becomes in the haunting past of Shadow Hills. Finding what links her to this town…might cost her her life.

Thanks again Adrienne!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
Publication Date: December 22, 2009
Versions: hardcover, kindle

Summary (from
Grace Divine, daughter of the local pastor, always knew something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared—the night she found her brother Jude collapsed on the porch, covered in his own blood—but she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night held.

The memories her family has tried to bury resurface when Daniel returns, three years later, and enrolls in Grace and Jude's high school. Despite promising Jude she'll stay away, Grace cannot deny her attraction to Daniel's shocking artistic abilities, his way of getting her to look at the world from new angles, and the strange, hungry glint in his eyes.

The closer Grace gets to Daniel, the more she jeopardizes her life, as her actions stir resentment in Jude and drive him to embrace the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night. Grace must discover the truth behind the boy's dark secret...and the cure that can save the ones she loves. But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it—her soul.

This book starts out with Grace meeting Daniel again after he's been gone for so many years. I really enjoyed reading about Grace's reactions to seeing Daniel again and how they grew up together. The plot line was amazing and didn't get way too "out" there like I thought it might.  Grace is a great character that I found myself relating to, and wishing I could be more like her. She's a good role model. And I absolutly adored Daniel. He's the kind of men I like: you know the bad boys.

The writing in this book switches from the past to the present pretty much every chapter which is cool when you get to see Grace's childhood. Overall, I really enjoyed Bree Despain's writing and am looking forward to reading more books by her.

Will I reread it?
Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Probably one of my favorite books right now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bliss (Happy 101) Award

Thanks to Sara over at Along For The Ride who passed this lovely award onto me and my blog. Thanks again, Sara.

The rules for this awesome award are that I must list ten things that make me happy and then pass the award on to ten other bloggers. So here it goes:

1.) Sitting by the fireplace when it's freezing cold outside and drinking hot chocolate
2.) Getting an A on a super hard test that I thought I was going to fail
3.) Holidays with the family
4.) Finishing a book and going "woah"
5.) Achieving something
6.) Publishing an article in our school newspaper
7.) Making my parents proud
8.) Knowing I affected someones life in some way
9.) Getting a comment from other bloggers (you guys are great supporters)
10.) Getting a comment from non bloggers (you guys are great, too)

And to the bloggers I want to pass this award onto really made an impression on me and I genuinly love looking, searching, and reading their blogs. I'm sure there's way more than ten, but rules are rules and I'm sorry to say-that I'm not a rulebreaker.

1.) S at Confessions Of A Boring Girl
2.) Sarah at Confessions of the Un-Published
3.) Book Addict Girl at Addicted 2 Novels
4.) Sarah at Sarah's Book Reviews
5.) Shantal at Booknerds are pretty too
6.) Kilee at Kilee's Closet
7.) Josette at Books Love Me!
8.) Corrine at Lost For Words
9.) Autumn at Hello, Me Again...
10.) Morgan at Books and Literature for Teens

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Trends #2

I am starting "Tuesday Trends" which you can probably guess will be posted on Tuesdays, hence the name. If you haven't noticed, there are several trends in the book world/blogging about book world that change constantly. And from what I see/hear about-I will post in this thing I call "Tuesday Trends". It will be about anything from plot lines, characters, genre's in books to what's really popular in the blogging world. Hopefully this will be lots of fun, and I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think are the trends. So comments are very much appreciated.

Tuesday Trends #2
Topic: Linger by Maggie Stiefvator
Um...where to begin. How about that Linger by Maggie Stiefvator is EVERYWHERE in the blogging world. Every other post is about her new book (the sequel to Shiver) but it doesn't come out until July 20th and don't get me wrong-I'm excited for it, too, and the cover looks amazing. And then I wanted to get to the bottom of it-so I went to Maggie's website and found out that she's having this huge contest and the winner will receive an ARC of Linger.  Not only is it a great prize, but an umpteenth number of people have already entered.  
Shiver, the first book in this series, was very popular and everyone I knew loved it. I liked it, too so I will be looking forward to seeing what direction Maggie takes her characters.
And if you have entered the contest or are going to in the near future, I just wanted to wish you Good Luck!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Publication Date: April 6, 2006
Versions: hardcover, paperback, kindle, audio

Summary (from
when Annabel, the youngest of three beautiful sisters, has a bitter falling out with her best friend—the popular and exciting Sophie—she suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. but then she meets owen—a loner, passionate about music and his weekly radio show, and always determined to tell the truth. And when they develop a friendship, Annabel is not only introduced to new music but is encouraged to listen to her own inner voice. with owen's help, can Annabel find the courage to speak out about what exactly happened the night her friendship with Sophie came to a screeching halt?

I read this book and throughout it kept thinking about how much i lie in a day. Now i'm not talking about big lies, but just small white lies. Or even not saying what's on my mind-just like Annabel (the main character in this book). And then I keep reading and think about everything that Owen (Annabel's love interest) says, and how true he is. Then I wish I had a guy like Owen to catch me on my "lies".

So overall in this book-you think. It makes you realize a lot about yourself and how distracting the silence really is ( you probably have to read the book to get this saying). I loved it, don't get me wrong. Sarah Dessen can really write. And she's probably one of my favorite authors.

So pick up this book and experience 371 pages of pure enlightenment (once again you probably have to read the book to get how this word really ties into it.)

Will I reread it?
Most defiantly-I have aleady reread it and am planning to do so a lot more in the future.

Win books over at "The Book Cellar"

Over at The Book Cellar-she is having a blogaversary prize pack giveway (chick lit prize pack). You can win:
-A paperback of I'd Tell You I Love But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter

-A paperback of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
-A hardcover of Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway
-A paperback of Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noel
-A paperback of Art Geeks and Prom Queens by Alyson Noel
-A paperback of Sun-Kissed by Melissa de la Cruz
-A Suite Scarlett sleep mask

I know-some very good stuff! And to enter, head over to her blog at this link: Giveaway.

Good luck to everyone who enters and make sure you do so before March 6th and in order to enter you have to live in the US. Have a good day everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

So here it is, once again: February 14th. The day of love (or so I call it).

On Friday, we celebrated Valentines Day at school since we don't have school on Sundays. People can purchase roses for other people and have them delivered to their first hour classes. So romantic, I know. I ride the bus to school on Friday morning, talk to my friends and have people ask me over and over whether or not I'm going to the dance. My answer: No. So then I treck through the snow to first hour and sit in my Art stool while I color the picture I started on Tuesday and am hoping for a good grade while the doors open and a few girls holding flowers walk in.

It's not like I was expecting one, but c'mon I bet you dream about some cute secret admirer buying one for you and telling you to meet them at 3 in the middle of the dance floor and then admit their undying love for you.

So they hand them all out and say they're done. I sigh inwardly while my hope drops. But while they start walking out of the classroom, another guy comes in with another flower. He says he forgot one and I'm like: wow, is this actually happening to me? But then he hands it to some girl (who already has three) and walks out. Story of my life.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day and hope you can spend it with people you love (in my case that would be my family).  But I did happen to go to the movie: Valentines Day-and it was fabulous. I recommend it to everyone.

And if anything exciting happened to you on Valentines Day: like maybe your boyfriend proposed or your boyfriend watched The Notebook with you then you are welcome to share.

Gone (Wake Trilogy Series #3) by Lisa McMann

Caution: This is the third book in the wake series and will most likely contain spoilers if you have not read the previous two.

Gone by Lisa McMann
Publication Date: February 9, 2010
Versions: hardcover, audio

Summary (from
Things should be great for Janie—she has graduated from high school and is spending her summer with Cabel, the guy she’s totally in love with. But deep down she’s panicking about how she’s going to survive her future when getting sucked into other people’s dreams is really starting to take its toll.

Things get even more complicated when she meets her father for the very first time—and he’s in a coma. As Janie uncovers his secret past, she begins to realize that the choice thought she had has more dire consequences than she ever imagined.

This was defiantly a bittersweet read for me due to the fact that seven words are printed on the top that clearly say: The final book in the Wake trilogy. Deep down, I was hoping she would continue the series past just a trilogy but this comfirms that she most likely will not. The sweet part of this book was that it was wonderful. Janie's life continues on and she now has to deal with more stuff including her dad and her blindness to be. The book was written just as good as the other two (Wake and Fade) but seemed more grown up in a way probably due to the growing up of the characters.

Will I reread it?
When I get over my sadness (haha) yes.

A perfect ending to a great series. I will look back at Janie and Cabel and long for more from them but I guess I have to take what I can get and three books is great.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's your favorite book store or place to get books and why?

I'm always interested in knowing where people like to get there books from (ex. Borders, Barnesandnoble, library, indie bookstore, etc.) because everyone has their own opinions about it. I am a Borders fan because I know the layout of the store pretty well which makes book browsing so much easier.

And if someone could please clear something up for me: What is a indie bookstore and what's the differnce between it and...let's say Borders? I've been really curious and have been wanting to check one out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nightlight (a parody) by The Harvard Lampoon

Nightlight (a parody) by The Harvard Lampoon
Publication Date: November 3, 2009
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
About three things I was absolutely certain. First, Edwart was most likely my soul mate, maybe. Second, there was a vampire part of him–which I assumed was wildly out of his control–that wanted me dead. And third, I unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably wished he had kissed me.

And thus Belle Goose falls in love with the mysterious and sparkly Edwart Mullen in the Harvard Lampoon’s hilarious send-up of Twilight.

Pale and klutzy, Belle arrives in Switchblade, Oregon looking for adventure, or at least an undead classmate. She soon discovers Edwart, a super-hot computer nerd with zero interest in girls. After witnessing a number of strange events–Edwart leaves his tater tots untouched at lunch! Edwart saves her from a flying snowball!–Belle has a dramatic revelation: Edwart is a vampire. But how can she convince Edwart to bite her and transform her into his eternal bride, especially when he seems to find girls so repulsive?

Complete with romance, danger, insufficient parental guardianship, creepy stalker-like behavior, and a vampire prom, Nightlight is the uproarious tale of a vampire-obsessed girl, looking for love in all the wrong places.

This book is so funny. I'm a huge Twilight fan-so I've read Twilight a lot (pretty much like every other Twilight fan) so reading it again and again gets tired even though you absolutly love it. And then there's this book which follows the plot line of Twilight but in a whole new way (a very funny way). I laughed so hard when I was reading it and felt in such a good mood after reading just a few pages. I absolutly loved it.

Will I reread it?
When I need a good laugh, this book will be my first choice.

And just so if you don't understand how utterly hilarious this book is-a few lines are typed below:

Nightlight (a parody)  Pg. 44-45

     Two nights later, I had Internet access.
     I typed in a single word: Vampre. Google asked, "Did you mean 'vampire?'" I said, "yes."
     I felt overwhelmed and confused by the results: "Nosferatu," "The Buffy Summers Workout," "Kristen Stewart's Onset Romance," "Midnight Sun leaked," "Robert Pattinson Excellent Blues Singer."
     Weird. What did any of this have to do with vampires? I got up from my desk, feeling silly for looking at pictures of a beautiful couple who were clearly not vampires. This search was fruitless; there were only 26,500,000 results. I was going to have to rely on my own knowledge. Then I though, why don't I share that knowledge with the world? I sat back down at the computer and went to the vampire Wikipedia page. I added a sentence to the article: "Edwart Mullen of Switchblade, Oregon, is a vampire, but don't kill him because I love him!" Then I added a picture of Edwart's abs.
     Great, I thought, shutting off the computer. I figured this was basically the same as telling my dad I was in love with a vampire, especially because he monitored my Internet activity.
     Suddenly, I remembered the song my dad used to sing to me every night when I was a little girl:

                                             If you ever have a crush
                                             On a vampire
                                             I will trick him into
                                             Getting into a car
                                             Then I will drive the car
                                             Into a lake
                                             And on top of the car
                                             I will put some stones

     I stopped singing gleefully, realizing my dad would probably have a problem with Edwart. Hmm. I decided I would tell him that Edwart was a vegetarian vampire, feasting solely on ketchup.

After by Kristin Harmel

After by Kristin Harmel
Publication Date: February 9, 2010
Versions: hardcover, kindle

Summary (from
Lacey's world shatters when her dad is killed in a car accident. And secretly? She feels like it’s her fault. If she hadn’t taken her own sweet time getting ready that morning . . . well, it never would have happened. Her mom wouldn’t be a basket case. Her brother Logan wouldn’t drink. And her little brother would still have two parents.

But life goes on even if you don’t want it to. And when Lacey gets the chance to make a difference in the lives of some people at school, she jumps at it. Making lemonade out of lemons is her specialty. Except she didn’t count on meeting a guy like Sam. Or that sometimes? Lemonade can be a pretty bitter drink to swallow.

This book is pretty much about how Lacey's dad dies and how she thinks it's her fault and through time she has to deal with the guilt. Overall, the writing was good but the characters were unlikeable. Her mom isn't caring enough, her brother is mean, and Lacey is annoying. She think's no one else has been through the same thing and puts herself high up on that list. She's overall very full of herself and the whole book is about how she doesn't want anyone else to pity her even though she pities herself.

Will I reread it?
Probably not. I liked it and will probably read more from the author but it wasn't overall my kind of book.

Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning

Let's Get Lost by Sarra Manning
Publication Date: October 19, 2006
Versions: hardcover, paperback, kindle

Summary (from
Isabel is the girl who rules the school with an iron fist and a gang of minions who do her bidding. Her friends are scared of her, her teachers can't get through to her, and that's just the way she likes it. With her razor-sharp edges and tall walls, nothing gets to Isabel—and no one, but no one, is ever going to discover her dark, sad secrets. Then she meets Smith. And Isabel learns that sometimes when all the expectations and pressures are too much, you just need someone to help you get lost.

I really enjoyed this book but thought a few elements were a little fishy. First of all, Isabel is sixteen and Smith is twenty. A four year age different is just gross and it wasn't fun to read about or imagine at all. Second of all, she lies about her age and says she eighteen which is dumb and even dumber that he actually believed it. And third, she lies about other things too, besides her age. Who really thinks releationships will survive off of lies?

The book was overall very embarrasing. I had to put it down a few times because of the situations she gets herself into and how she reacts to them. Isabel is a very mean girl and you will soon learn that from page one.

Will I reread it?
No, I don't think I will. It was good for a one time read and I should have went to the library instead of spending my money on it.

The character Isabel reminded me so much of the character's in Courtney Summers book titled Some Girls Are. So if you've read that one, then you will probably feel the same way about this one, too.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys that Bite (The Blood Coven, Book 1) by Mari Mancusi

Boys that Bite (The Blood Coven, Book 1) by Mari Mancusi
Publication Date: April 4, 2006
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
Technically Sunshine can't get killed-because she's immortal. Well, not quite yet. Due to the worst case of mistaken identity with her dark-side-loving twin sister at a Goth club called Club Fang, Magnus, a vampire hottie, went for Sunshine's innocent neck. Now if she doesn't reverse it in time, Magnus will be her blood mate forever and she's doomed to be a blood-gulping, pasty, daylight-hating vampire. That would seriously bite.

And now, after the unfortunate slaying of the vampire leader, Sunshine, her sister Rayne, and Magnus must find the one thing that can solve her problem: the Holy Grail. They wish it were a joke but it's not. It's absolutely necessary that Sunshine gets out of this in time, because somehow she scored the hottest prom date in her school, the mouth-watering Jake Wilder. So she just can't be a vampire for the prom-let alone the rest of eternity.

This book was so funny, maybe one of the funniest books I've read that wasn't a parody. And I absolutly loved the quirky yet sarcastic tone of the author's writing. I felt like it was very relatable to (besides that fact that there were vampires) and liked that even though there were vampires-it wasn't some dark cobwebby/coffiny illusion. It had more of a lighter tone that made it a very enjoyable light read.

Will I reread it?
Yes, most defiantly. I enjoyed it so much and recommend it to anyone who's looking for a book involving vampires or a love/hate relationship (one of the best kinds of relationships out there).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Deeper by Megan Hart

Deeper by Megan Hart
Publication Date: July 1, 2009
Versions: paperback, kindle, audio

Summary (from
Twenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her. She was Bess Walsh, a fresh-scrubbed, middle-class student ready to conquer the design world. And she was taken. Absolutely and completely.

But not by Andy, her well-groomed, intellectual boyfriend who had hinted more than once about a ring. No. During that hot summer as a waitress and living on the beach, she met Nick, the moody, dark-haired, local bad boy. He was, to put it mildly, not someone she could take home to Daddy.

Instead, Nick became her dirty little secret— a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to ignite an all-consuming obsession she had no idea she carried deep within her.

Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer, after their promise to meet again. And now, back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility, from marriage, from life, she discovers his heartbreaking fate—and why he never came back for her. Suddenly Nick's name is on her lips…his hands on her thighs…dark hair and eyes called back from the swirling gray of purgatory's depths.

Dead, alive, or something in between, they can't stop their hunger.

She wouldn't dare.

This was really different from the teenish books that I'm used to. When I first bought this book, I expected it to be a nice younger romance with a bad boy. Boy was I wrong, I think its safe to say this book belongs in the adult genre and is not recommended for younger kids or even younger teenagers. Every scene is filled with sex and that's pretty much what it's about. And hey, maybe that's what you like to read about-be my guest and go ahead and read it then.

Will I reread it?
Yeah, I guess I would. It was entertaining and filled up hours when I was bored. I doubt it will be the first book to reread, however.

Overall I loved the tone and how fast paced the reading was. Megan Hart didn't drone on and on about character after character and she didn't over detail. It was overall that perfect number of pages and just a really good read.

Tuesday Trends #1

I am starting "Tuesday Trends" which you can probably guess that I will post on Tuesdays, hence the name. If you haven't noticed, there are several trends in the book world/blogging about book world that change constantly. And from what I see/hear about-I will post in this thing I call "Tuesday Trends". It will be about anything from plot lines, characters, genre's in books to what's really popular in the blogging world. Hopefully this will be lots of fun, and I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think are the trends. So comments are very much appreciated.

Tuesday Trends #1
Topic: Fairies, Faeries and Faery or Fairy

First of all, how in the world do you spell it? Because when I was little and used to read books about the tooth fairy-I could have sworn it was spelled "fairy" not faery or faeries, so what's the difference? And I'm pretty sure "fay" has something to do with the whole fairy world, too. So if anyone knows about these different spellings-I would love if you cleared it up for me; because I'm super curious.

So Twilight came out, right? And there was this whole thing about vampires. And then werewolves got very popular, and all of a sudden this last year-everything is Fairy related. I don't get it. Every paranormal book has a fairy in it, and it's starting to make me a little nausous. I first of all aren't too big a fan of them. And before you go all "you have to give them a chance" on me, I must tell you-I already did, three times. I tried out Melissa Marr's books about fairies and they were way too "out there" for me. I mean how can you relate to anything about fairies? They're just so...unrelatable.

So I think fairy or faery books are really the trend right now-else they probably wouldn't be coming out with so many. And if you don't believe me I will list a few for you:

1.) Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr
2.) Wings by Aprilynne Pike
3.) Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog
4.) Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner

Those were just a few, and I'm sure there are plenty more. So why the hype about fairies or faeries? You tell me.

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Series #1) by Cassandra Clare

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments Series #1) by Cassandra Clare Publication Date: March 27, 2007
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Their hidden world is about to be revealed....

When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder — much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Clary knows she should call the police, but it's hard to explain a murder when the body disappears into thin air and the murderers are invisible to everyone but Clary.

Equally startled by her ability to see them, the murderers explain themselves as Shadowhunters: a secret tribe of warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. Within twenty-four hours, Clary's mother disappears and Clary herself is almost killed by a grotesque demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know....

I tried reading this book about a year ago. I loved the beginning and it was overall really interesting and a different plot that I've been reading. And then I started getting to the middle, and I couldn't help skimming tons and tons of pages. I mean ten or so at one time, which is a lot. It got too dry for me.

And then I went to Borders and was searching for books to buy (this was about a month after I put down the book unfinished) and I don't know what drove me, but I bought the second one in the series, even though I didn't finish the first one! Could I have been any more stupid? NO!

So now it's been sitting in my bookcase for eight or so months, untouched and unread. And then about a week ago I was thinking about the book. I needed to get my money's worth on it. So i decided to pick up the first one again. And very slowly I've been making my way through it.

At times the writing was dry and the characters are very unlikable. Especially Simon. He is so obnoxious, I roll my eyes every time I think about him or even read about him. At times I wish Jace would have just killed him off. Ugh.

Will I reread it?
Well...I pretty much already did. And maybe in the far future I may crave this book and I'll know where to find it.

I guess I said a few unpossitive comments in the paragraphs above, but I have to make this clear. It wasn't a bad book. It wasn't my favorite book, but it wasn't my least either-it hits right about in the middle. And I'm sure people have seperate opinions on the matter.