Friday, March 12, 2010

Reading Stereotypes (and why I'm sick of them)

So today I was in science class (Biology, if you were wondering) and we were potting plants. I know, I have no idea why either but we were. My friend and I were standing side by side and she asked: What did you do last night? So I told her the truth, that I read.

She then waited a few seconds before she replied with: You know you're kind of a nerd- And she was totally serious, no sarcasm intented. I didn't know what to say, because what should you say? I was just like: Yeah. And then we dropped it, but still it kind of upset me a little bit.

I'm sick of people thinking Readers are some big losers or big nerds that don't have a life (even if I truly don't). I mean what's so bad about picking up a book and reading to get out of my own world for a few seconds and go into a world that an author has created? Why would you be calling me a nerd, when alll you do is go on Facebook and talk to people all night? I just don't understand why reading isn't acceptable to people.

I'm sick of not talking more about books, which is something I genuinly like to do. Sometimes I may ask if someone has read a certain book that I have loved but they give me a wierd look and say no. I then feel stupid for asking and drop the topic, soon. Maybe, just maybe, I would like to talk about a boy book character that is suuuper cute instead of a guy that has just walked past in the hallway.

And that's why I have this handy dandy blog. So I can share and explore books with all of you guys and we can talk about books. I just wish I could do that with my friends and fellow classmates.


InABox said...

It doesn't do anything to fight the stereotype, but I embrace being a nerd. In my profession, I really can't help it. During college, my friends and I spent most of our time doing nerdy things that we loved doing and laughing at all the people that thought we were crazy and *weird*.

BUT until you get to that post-schooling time--When people call you a nerd, even if they don't mean it rudely, maybe they're just jealous that you can spend an evening alone with a book, that you don't have to have other people around for validation.

I didn't really have anyone to "talk books" with until college, so until then, when people thought I was weird, I thought the same about them. How can you NOT love reading? Who wants to be on FB/at a football game/talking on the phone all weekend anyway?

So, from one nerd to another, embrace it, accept it, keep your chin up. You've been on more adventures than they ever will. :-)

I'm a Lit-Bitch, Baby said...

I accepted a long time ago that I was a total geek. It's not just reading but my love for sci fi and horror in general.

Yeah it wasn't amazing in high school but as an adult, it's not something that bothers me.

I have a life, I socialize, date, get drunk and make bad life decisions, all that jazz. I just happen to enjoy geeky things and it's something that my friends get about me.

Sometimes they'll call to see if I wanna hang out and I'll let them know I'm opting for a night in with a good book.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you and I get exactly where you're coming from.

I also know a bunch of people who waste literally all of their free time on Facebook, writing fake status messages most of the time because it makes them seem as though they actually have a life, when they are in fact huddled over their PCs pretty much 24/7. Yet, when you mention books, which for some reason have this negative "nerdy" connotation, they look at you as though you're the one with no life.

It doesn't actually make any sense at all. I honestly think some people are just too dumb to appreciate quiet time on their own, doing something solitary ... and that says something about them.

Yes, I also want to talk about hot book guys (",) ... here's my fave ... Jace from The Mortal Instruments, Cal from Cal and Niko Leandros, Bones from Night Huntress, Eric from Sookie Stackhouse, currently Pritkin from Cassandra Palmer, Damon from Vampire Diaries, Seth from Wicked Lovely ... mmmm ... there's too many more. Fiction guys are too perfect, it's positively toe-curling!

S said...

When I go to work people are like "What'd you do last night, read?"
My response "Duh."
They tend to accept it, I've never been called a nerd just a loner but I know that I am and I'm fine with it.
But the excellent thing is, I know boys who read as much or more than I do and so I can at least talk to them about books sometimes.

Jillian said...

I used to get irritated when people would tease me about reading too much. But now that I'm a lot older, I know that the friends&family I have accept me for who I am -- no matter how geeky and nerdy and dorky I am. Haha.
Also, another thing is now when people tease me about it, I just laugh at them, secretly. Readers and writers are just naturally smarter -- book smart, street smart, intelligence wise.. the list goes on. And those who are not, are just jealous. So like I said, I just laugh at them and their close-minded brains. ;)

And like InABox said, "You've been on more adventures than they ever will." It's the perfect way to put it.
Keep it up, love your blog! :)

Shweta said...

I am really with you on this Morgan. Been there , when I was in school. Some people never understand that reading can be a choice. They always feel as if it's an obligation. Well, hello ,there are people like us who actually read because WE WANT TO :)

Don't feel bad. You have enough book fanatics here on blogosphere to discuss with.

YA Vampire Books said...

I know exactly what you mean! Some of my classmates was even "proud" that they haven't read a book in years...

Christina/Book Addict said...

Don't let the haters bother you! I felt the same way in HS, but once I got to college and became an English major, I was surrounded by people just like me. It was fabulous. Now I am an English teacher and get to talk about books and writing all day. :-D When I was in HS, the people that were proud they hadn't read a book in years are now depressed, extremely unsuccessful and reliving their glory days at the local pub. ha.

Diane said...

Morgan, Thanks for visiting my blog today; I appreciate that. I could not agree with you more about your post on sterotypes.

Whitney said...

In high school, my friends called me a little old lady because I liked to stay home on weekends with a good book and cup of tea; I liked to think I was wise beyond my {or their} years. I embrace being a dork, because "it's hip to be square". Once out of hs you'll realize how normal you really are.
Keep on being a nerd, I love your blog!

Trillian said...

Embrace the nerd within! It's the non-readers who are loosing out on all the fab books out there.

There's an award for you on my blog :D

dArLyN said...

i know exactly your point and i have the same problem. they even said so just delete your acc on facebook. well, facebook is another thing. i have it because my old cool buddies are at home and i am way far awy from them.and they know only gossip!

at least with a book, i can act smart *LOL*. that's why my bf drooling 1st time saw me. but he's not a nerd. he's like a bad boy kind of a look.just opposite from me.ha!

Jess said...

I agree! And ... Good for you! Since I didn't accept that it was okay until I turned 20. =0P

Some people just don't understand ... but that's okay because I've learned that everyone's tastes change so if they don't agree with you now ... sooner or later they might.

And for me .... I will admit freely that I am a dork! And I'm happy about that. =0)

Book Lovers Delight said...

I am so glad you posted this because I felt like that at one point. I discovered that I love and I mean love reading a few years ago. And when I would finish a book and talk to my family (I have a big family) they would tease that I'm a nerd and that I am antisocial for being such a bookworm and own family said that. And it did bother me because I would have loved to talk books with them as well as friends. But I didn't have anybody that was an avid reader like I was until I met my co-blogger and a couple coworkers at work. They are out there it's just a matter of seeking them out.

So anyway, my friend and I made this blog to share the books we've read and connect with others that have this passion for reading and who enjoy the escape/the joy/ the hot guys books connect us to. My family is used to me reading tons so they don't call me nerd anymore, it has gotten old.

Anyway, how can that be so wrong? Well it's not...but if loving to read means being a nerd then hell I am one big nerd because I read a ton of books. I read because I love too and I enjoy the quiet time that comes with it.

Thanks for sharing such an honest post. It really got to me. Happy reading :)


ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...


I completely understand where you are coming from.
All I can say is... it's no fun to live in a box!
I have never cared about stereotype titles but I recognize that they do exist and that sometimes there is a necessity in using them.
But go ahead and embrace you inner nerd... embrace everything about you!!! Because all these awesome elements to you make you YOU!!!!

And seriously.... it is so NICE to have the blogosphere to talk books!! There are several sites I visit along with many blogs where talking about characters, books, authors, etc is fun and serious... and it is sooo normal!

What I think it all boils down to is... you dont have to fit into anyone's box.... and I think you know that already because you being called a nerd erked you! Live how you want to live. Do what you want to do. AND BLOG ABOUT IT!!! lol=)

*whew* I pity the person who ever has to fit me into a box. I am so damn eclectic they'd be confused... plus, I pack a heavy right hook!!=) Bwahahahaha! Just kidding... a little bit.

Take care and keep doing what you're doing because reading ROCKS!!! *I am a Book nerd, so what!* hahahaha!!!