Thursday, March 11, 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1

Yes, Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 is coming out on very soon. March 16th soon. I'm not a big manga (or graphic novel) reader. Actually I don't think I've read one in my entire life-but Twilight is very close to me so I'll be buying my very first one close to the  release date (March 16th-I know I just posted this above but I wanted to make sure you got the date right, and hopefully I have it right too.)

Here are a few pictures from the graphic novel:
 So will you be buying this one? I'm kind of excited especially after seeing the Eclipse trailer. How did you guys like the trailer, and how many of you can't wait for June (when the movie finally gets released?)


Kilee's Closet said...

I don't really know if I should be happy that their making a graphic novel out of Twilight or upset that they are doing so. Honestly it seems like everyone is just making money off of the Twilight name and dealing out everything they can with it. Almost like Harry Potter actually.

But I'll probably read some of it in store and depending on if I like it or not, I may or may not buy it.

I really wish June would get here, I am very excited to see Eclipse. I'm going to pre-order my tickets again, like I did with the other two, as soon as I can. XP

Candace said...

This looks really cool! I haven't even seen New Moon yet even though I'm a Twilight fan. So I can't wait until it comes out. Getting to the movies proved to be impossible. Maybe I'll fair better w/ Eclipse.

Morgan said...

Kilee's Closet-You make a lot of great points, that I never even thought of (like just trying to make money).

Candace-I'm so glad your a Twilight fan! And hopefully you will fair better with Eclipse!

Artystitches said...

i am reading breaking dawn have loved reading this series.

look forward to the film to, i like to read books and watch the films after to see how they depict it.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Ooh - I think I would like to check this out. Thank you for the info :)

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