Monday, August 23, 2010

Mockingjay Countdown: Mini Challenge 2 (Day 2)

Mockingjay Countdown: Mini Challenge 2 (Day 2)

Mockingjay Countdown
Remember that if you participate in this mini challenge, you will get an extra four entries to win the prizes for today.

For this second challenge, I want you guys to chose one animal that would best represent Katniss and explain why you chose that animal for her. You can leave a comment with your answer, or like always-you can make your own blog post with pictures and leave a link in the comments below.

Hint: The animal symbolisms may come in handy. Ex: Lion=Brave


Bahnree said...

Horse: strong, brave, loyal, and can be helpful in battle or in domestic life. ;)

sarahem said...

I would say a dog. She's loyal and protects those she loves. Maybe more specifically a hunting dog. :p

Kemendraugh said...

I wanna say a barn cat! just when you think they're dead, they show up again! And they're proud and resourceful and cunning.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Here's a link to my post:

Awesome challenge!

Anonymous said...

Ok, a tiger or lion-- they are very protective, fierce, willing to fight for those they love!

Brooke said...

A lioness. She is the hunter, she is fierce and brave and she brings home the meals. :)

Erika said...

Great question! I'd have to say an eagle. She embodies strength and power, and one day she'll soar above the rest.

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