Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watch Out for An Upcoming CSN Product Review

When a representative from the many CSN stores contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in doing another product review from their site-I was really excited. CSN has over a hundred online stores with a ton of products including bedroom furniture sets, bookcases, fishtanks, and much much more.

This time around I am trying to decide on a few different things. I am redoing my bedroom and since my books are overflowing on my bookcase, I was thinking about getting a larger one that would be able to hold all of my books.  And I really liked the look of this one when I was searching:

Basyx Signature Series Bookcase with Heavy-Duty Shelves - BSX3XXXTX
You can buy this bookcase here. The bookcase I have right now only has four shelves so this one would hold a lot more and then I would have less books hanging around in unwanted places.

Or I was thinking about purchasing a fish tank for my Betta Fish. I just got him and I've been researching online about the fish for awhile and they say it needs a lot more room than the one gallon glass bowl I purchased for it. And the fishbowl is supposed to be about 78-80 degrees and right now it is only at 72. And a one gallon tank is too small to heat without the concern of cooking the fish-so I wanted to get a bigger fish tank. Here is the one that I really like:

Aqua Euro USA 12.5 Gallon Open Top Aquarium System - AET12R-X

You can buy this tank here. I like it a lot and it is 12.5 gallons so I think Edward (my fish) would like it a lot better. And maybe I could even get another fish that go good with Betta's because I know they fight with most fish.

But then I was thinking about getting something for my cat. I would love to get her a cat tree and I was looking around and really liked this one:

Armarkat 62" Faux Fur Cat Tree in Beige - A6202

You can buy this cat tree here. I love the hammock so I thought it would be great for her.

The tough thing about these product reviews are that there is so much to choose from. What do you guys think I should get?


Mrs. DeRaps said...

Love the bookcase!

Jen said...

My cats would love the hammock on the cat tree! Unfortunately, they usually end up destroying cat toys, scratching posts, etc. They don't make cat products durable enough for my two!

Carin B. said...

My only advice about the aquarium would be to make sure it is suited for freshwater fish. My friend has a cube aquarium that is similar to that but it is more suited for saltwater. They ended up having a terrible problem with algae. Also, if you get a cube tank you most certainly will need a cube stand.

I had an Eclipse 12 which I definitely do NOT recommend--the hood had an inset lighting system which burned out in less than a year. The replacement hood cost almost as much as an aquarium so I just bought a 26 Gallon Aqueon aquarium for my freshwater. I would probably go with a little glass 5 gallon or 3 gallon for your betta if you can find one. That way you won't have to get a special stand for it! I hope you don't mind the advice! :)

Morgan said...

Carin-I don't mind the advice at all. Thank you so much for your insight. I will make sure it is suited for freshwater fish. Thanks!

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