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Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills

Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills
Publication Date: April 16, 2009
Versions: paperback, kindle

Summary (from
Hailey Abbott’s Summer Boys takes a weepy turn in this story of one girl’s attempt to tell her childhood friend how she really feels about him. Alex thought she’d be spending the summer focused on her family’s rafting business, burying the memories of her father’s death last year, and leaving behind all the messes she made in its wake. But when Sean returns to town, she is forced to reckon with her mixed-up crushy feelings for him—more powerful than ever before. It takes another tragedy to make Alex realize Sean has loved her, and forgiven her, all along.

Alex and Sean used to be a couple before her father died. Then Sean left and Alex hasn't seen him since. One day while working at her family's rafting business-Sean shows up back in town and Alex can't help feeling something for him. But he doesn't seem to recipricate her feelings. She now has to survive the whole summer while working beside Sean as her feelings for him grow.

I really enjoyed this book. It's a very fun summer read that makes you appreciate the nature. Not a lot of books are nature based but since this one had to do with a rafting business, it was very refreshing. Sean was also a very great character and I loved all the scenes when him and Alex were together. And I always like books having to do with the boy leaving and then coming back at a later time-which fit this plot line perfectly. I defaintly recommend this book to any Hailey Abbot or Meg Cabot readers.

Will I reread it?
I think so, it was super cute and an overall well written book that's great for getting in the summer mood!


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