Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poll Results

This weeks poll question was: How do you like to comment on blogs? I think this was a very important question for my blog, because you guys are the ones who are commenting so I want to make it the easiest possible way.

And for the results:
  • 3        Pop Up
  • 3        Full Page
  • 5        Embedded
The winner was Embedded! And if you didn't get to vote: What is your favorite way to comment on blogs and why? If you see a blog with word verification do you sometimes not even comment?


Swimmer said...

Pop up and I hate those word verification things but if I have something to say I do them

Stina Lindenblatt said...

I hate the word verification because they take extra time. Though the spam they prevent can be even more annoying.

I don't have word verification, but if you leave a comment more than three days since the article was posted, the comment will have to be moderated first. That solved the problem of spam. I still get them, but no one else sees them.

Josette said...

I don't fancy the word verification feature too as it's quite troublesome. But luckily the letters on Blogger's verification are easily read so I won't complain much. :) So no, it does not stop me from commenting on blogs!

Lately I've been getting spam comments which annoys me as I will have to delete them one by one. :( Therefore, I'll have to turn on the verification thing for a while to stop the spam!

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