Sunday, June 19, 2011

Self Publishing and the Stereotypes that Go Along With it!

There are two major ways to get your novel published-and that is either by Traditional or Self publishing. Going the traditional route is very hard-and almost impossible to get an agent and even if you have a great agent that is excited about your work-it doesn't mean you're going to get published. There are many reasons people decide to self publish. Some of them are money, not being able to get an agent, and having more rights. Self publishing isn't a negative thing. But there are negative stereotypes that go along with it.

For example:

1.) The book is a piece of poop which is why they didn't get an agent in the first place
First of all, you don't know if a piece of writing is "poop" unless you actually read it. And just because they couldn't get an agent doesn't mean their work isn't any good. Agents are very selective and mostly only take on work that they think will sell. But the manuscripts agents pass on-could be the next bestseller. You should read Amanda Hocking's blog-who self published many novels and now because of the books she has sold through amazon and other online booksellers, she has an agent and has just received a seven figure deal with a publisher. 

2.) The price is low, which means the book isn't good
I know many people don't think this, but I used to. A few months ago I would search through amazon looking for more werwolf books. I found a lot, but some of them were only 99 cents. I was a little iffy, because why would they price the book so low? They do it for the readers! If they can make the price of the book low and still make profit, why wouldn't they? 

3.) Don't buy it because there's no editing
I have to admit that reading through Amanda Hocking's My Blood Approves, it had a lot of misspelled words and structure issues. And because of that there are a lot of negative and downright mean reviews about it on Amazon. I know people can state their own opinions, but you shouldn't put author's down. I don't even think it took away from the novel either. I actually really enjoyed it. And self published authors do edit their work-a lot. Just because some people can't afford an editor-doesn't mean the book isn't good.

I'm not trying to put anyone down or categorize people in any way. I'm just stating what comes along with self publishing. And I feel it's wrong. But I shouldn't be talking because I was the same way-I never even looked the way of indie/self published books. But ever since I've read Lunarmorte by Samantha Young, My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking, and Verity by Claire Farrell-I have been looking for more and more self published books that I'll be able to cherish. I also see under many book bloggers "review policy" posts that they don't accept self published novels to review. I know some bloggers state that because they have enough books coming in the mail already. But I'm sure a few bloggers fall to the stereotypes that come along with self publishing. I just ask that the next time you upgrade your "review policy" that you think twice before you eliminate a whole group of authors just based on how they publish their novels.

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DJ's Life in Fiction said...

I used to judge self-published books, but once I educated myself by reading how much work authors do to make their books good quality and by reading some great self-pubbed books, my opinions changed. You should check out Keary Taylor's work, particularly her Fall of Angels series. I think they're great! Thanks for a great, thoughtful post!