Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's your favorite book store or place to get books and why?

I'm always interested in knowing where people like to get there books from (ex. Borders, Barnesandnoble, library, indie bookstore, etc.) because everyone has their own opinions about it. I am a Borders fan because I know the layout of the store pretty well which makes book browsing so much easier.

And if someone could please clear something up for me: What is a indie bookstore and what's the differnce between it and...let's say Borders? I've been really curious and have been wanting to check one out.


Lea said...

I usually go to Borders, because it's only twenty minutes away and has better parking than B & N. It's also easier to find everything there!

But I do love my local books! (and they don't take up space in your room for long)

Kilee's Closet said...

I usually use Books-A-Million & Borders. But Borders just went out of business (the one close to me) and so did Barns & Noble, so BAM is where I go now.

But when I'm at Collage in California, I use Borders. I know the layout very well, like BAM at home, so I just go the whatever section I'm looking for and I find the book, movie, cd, ect that I want. :)

I'd go to the library but that's across town and way to far from me. =/

Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing!

Shantal said...

I usually go to Barns & Noble. But if I'm determined to buy certain book I'll buy it from amazon :).

Thanks for visiting today. =)

S said...

I go to Chapters or the library. The library is more exciting because sometimes they don't have a book you want, but when they do you get so excited you want to jump up and down. The only downside of the library is sometimes I find couples in the YA section making out and that means I get to cough loudly until they move or awkwardly maneuver myself around them.

Juju at Tales of said...

I love little tiny privately owned used book stores :)

Josette said...

Hi there, this is a really pretty blog! Love your header. Books! :)

I usually like to hang out in Borders and check out the books they have there. The environment's great and call me weird, but it's like a library to me. There aren't many people during the weekdays so I get to sit down by the bookshelves and read in peace. Borders is one of the bookstores that are near to where I stay.

There's also another bookstore, a local one called Popular. Books there are cheaper and I can use my member card to enjoy discounts! So I'll usually check with this store for books first and get them there. If not, then it's either Borders or MPH (another local bookstore but situated further away from my home).

In my country, Malaysia, there aren't many indie bookstores. Even if there are, they usually sell comics and manga reads. Also, indie stores would need to compete with big chains like Borders and the other two stores: MPH and Popular. So it's tough for the indie stores to survive here.

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