Monday, February 15, 2010

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
Publication Date: April 6, 2006
Versions: hardcover, paperback, kindle, audio

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when Annabel, the youngest of three beautiful sisters, has a bitter falling out with her best friend—the popular and exciting Sophie—she suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. but then she meets owen—a loner, passionate about music and his weekly radio show, and always determined to tell the truth. And when they develop a friendship, Annabel is not only introduced to new music but is encouraged to listen to her own inner voice. with owen's help, can Annabel find the courage to speak out about what exactly happened the night her friendship with Sophie came to a screeching halt?

I read this book and throughout it kept thinking about how much i lie in a day. Now i'm not talking about big lies, but just small white lies. Or even not saying what's on my mind-just like Annabel (the main character in this book). And then I keep reading and think about everything that Owen (Annabel's love interest) says, and how true he is. Then I wish I had a guy like Owen to catch me on my "lies".

So overall in this book-you think. It makes you realize a lot about yourself and how distracting the silence really is ( you probably have to read the book to get this saying). I loved it, don't get me wrong. Sarah Dessen can really write. And she's probably one of my favorite authors.

So pick up this book and experience 371 pages of pure enlightenment (once again you probably have to read the book to get how this word really ties into it.)

Will I reread it?
Most defiantly-I have aleady reread it and am planning to do so a lot more in the future.


Book Addict Girl said...

I LOVED Just Listen! Have you read This Lullaby? It's also by Sarah Dessen. If you havent, you must then reread Just Listen. Trust me! :)

Kilee's Closet said...

Great review. I've been looking at Sarah Dessen's books a lot lately, after buying Dreamland though I have yet to read it, but this one looks really good.

I'll have to check it out. :)

Autumn Embers said...

Hey :)

I'm glad you liked my review of Sam the Night Person, I really liked this review and I'll be sure to get Just Listen asap.

Autumn xxx

Corrine said...

I actually have this one out from the library but haven't started it yet. Love the review! :)

Lauren said...

I LOVE this book, and it's definitely my favorite by Sarah. I've actually read it around four times already. Anyway, great review! :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked this one, and you're right it does make you wonder a bit of the 'little lies' we tell all the time.

And i really liked Owen, even though at times he was a bit of a music snob.