Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

So here it is, once again: February 14th. The day of love (or so I call it).

On Friday, we celebrated Valentines Day at school since we don't have school on Sundays. People can purchase roses for other people and have them delivered to their first hour classes. So romantic, I know. I ride the bus to school on Friday morning, talk to my friends and have people ask me over and over whether or not I'm going to the dance. My answer: No. So then I treck through the snow to first hour and sit in my Art stool while I color the picture I started on Tuesday and am hoping for a good grade while the doors open and a few girls holding flowers walk in.

It's not like I was expecting one, but c'mon I bet you dream about some cute secret admirer buying one for you and telling you to meet them at 3 in the middle of the dance floor and then admit their undying love for you.

So they hand them all out and say they're done. I sigh inwardly while my hope drops. But while they start walking out of the classroom, another guy comes in with another flower. He says he forgot one and I'm like: wow, is this actually happening to me? But then he hands it to some girl (who already has three) and walks out. Story of my life.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day and hope you can spend it with people you love (in my case that would be my family).  But I did happen to go to the movie: Valentines Day-and it was fabulous. I recommend it to everyone.

And if anything exciting happened to you on Valentines Day: like maybe your boyfriend proposed or your boyfriend watched The Notebook with you then you are welcome to share.


S said...

I used to wish someone would bring me a flower at school.
But then I realized everyone would be teasing me and my face would turn bright red which would be embarassing.
I'm excited to hear the movie was excellent =) I can't wait to see it.

Morgan said...

Yeah I guess you're right about the embarassing part. Or if someone gave it to u as a joke and then they laugh when you walk by in the halls, holding it! Lol- maybe I'm watching too many movies!

Sarah said...

I went to an all girls school so that kind of eliminated the flowers problem LOL! We didn't actually do much to celebrate Valentines Day (my other half is recovering from food poisoning so we didn't even get the takeaway we'd planned on).

I think V Day is overrated anyway - I'd rather my other half came home with flowers or chocolates on a random day than doing it today just because everyone expects him to. It's the romantic moments thoughout the year that are more important :o)

He did order me some books though which I think is much more exciting than flowers, although chocolates always go down well too LOL

Hope you have a great week

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