Monday, July 12, 2010

Winter Longing by Tricia Mills

Winter Longing by Tricia Mills (ARC)
Publication Date: August 12, 2010
Versions: paperback
Received from: Jami's ARC Tours

Summary (from goodreads):
A plane crash in Alaska takes Winter's first love away forever...

When Winter's boyfriend is killed in a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, she's robbed of the future she'd only just allowed herself to believe might be hers. Winter and Spencer had been destined for one another. And after his death, Spencer's presence continues to haunt her.

But when her next-door neighbor becomes an unlikely friend, Winter begins to accept all that she can't change. Can she open herself to a new future...and a possible new love?

This story is very sad and overall real. It's about a girl named Winter who has always loved Spencer. But only recently did she confess that love and ask him to the the dance. He said yes and Winter was finally with the man she loved. That is until something terrible happened and he died in a plane crash. Winter can't believe it at first, but soon comes to realize that the love of her life died. She begins to fall apart until her next door neighbor, Jesse, starts taking interest in Winter. She doesn't want to believe she is starting to feel things for Jesse either, Winter just wants to believe Spencer is still alive.

There were so many moments tied into this book that made me want to cry my eyes out. It was so sad and emotional and the characters were all so wonderfully created and real. I felt bad for Winter, and Spencer's parents. And I loved Jesse, who actually cared so much for Winter. He was such a nice guy and I loved that he was one of the only people who understood her situation.

Will I reread it?
Yes, I loved it and every scene Tricia Mills weaved into this book. Each chapter starts with a memory of Spencer or a quote which tied very nicely in with the plot line. I look forward to reading future releases by Tricia Mills.


Anonymous said...

I read Heartbreak River also by Tricia Mills and was kind of indifferent to it. This one does sound really great though. I think you've convinced me to give it a try. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Morgan, thanks so much for your lovely review. I'm so glad you liked the book.

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